Month: December 2013

Diana Stanley

Second game of Eldritch Horror

Silas Marsh the sailor and Akachi Onyele the shaman were trying to stop Azathoth. This was on ‘easy’ difficulty, with the hard (tentacled) Mythos cards removed from the deck.

They got off to a good start, gaining lots of spells and equipment using bank loans and clearing the debts with influence. The first mystery was solved fairly quickly without the doom track dropping much.

However, before long a lot of rumors were hanging around, waiting for that first reckoning.


Thistletop Delve

Session Report: Delve, Delve, Delve

The climb is steep as they approach the Thistletop peak. The ruins stand stark against the fading sunlight.

“This Nualia is an outcast from the town,” says Lini, “Perhaps she simply wants revenge.”

“Summoning Lamashtu seems overkill to me,” says Amiri.

Seelah nods, “This is bigger than just Sandpoint. She needs to be stopped.”

Sajan holds the crude map that the goblin had scrawled. He points at the entrance to the dungeon complex that lies under the ruins. There is a faint sound of chanting. The summoning ritual has begun and there is no time to lose.