Tannhauser Shogunate troops repaint

The last of my repaints for Tannhauser is the Shogunate Troop Pack. These are the Shin Agent in the red armour, and the Ashigaru Trooper with the machine gun.


How to fix Natalya?

The Tannhauser miniature for Natalya is fairly hideous. The sculptor clearly misunderstood the brief, making her a huge woman in armour instead of a regular woman in a giant exo-suit like Ripley in Aliens.

Natalya Figure

I wondering if I can fix her with some repainting, maybe adding some shading to make her head and torso look smaller.

The character illustration looks really cool, so hopefully I can get this kind of feel.


Tannhauser new rules

I keep remembering some of the old rules and trying to find them in the new rule book mid-game. E.g. Weapon minimum ranges.

With the new combat rules damage is a lot less ‘swingy’ and it is definitely harder to die now, so deathmatch becomes a bit too long. I think CTF or one of the story modes is better.

I am not seeing any of the add-ons in game shops any more, so am glad I tracked them all down. I even got two Frankenstahls.


To do list:
– Repaint second Frankenstahl.
– Repaint second Matriarchy Troops.
– Repaint second Shogunate Troops.

Maybe try and fix Natalya?

Need to get a small table from somewhere.