I like boardgames, mainly the type known as ‘Ameritrash’. These have lots of miniatures and dice and counters and cards and maps and tend to be about fantasy or sci-fi or zombies.

DiceI don’t really like the more abstract games, where you are running a farm or selling goods in a medieval port. Seems more like work than fun.

This blog is a bunch of notes and logs, recording my gaming sessions, thoughts, ideas and plans. Putting it all in a central handy place so I can refer back to it in the future.

It will be time travel. Future-Tim can come back and visit Now-Tim and see what he was up to.

Beware, this is a pretty nerdy site.


  1. nice work! Looks amazing 🙂
    Just curious – do you do any commission painting? Would love to get your help painting my Gears of War set 😉
    – cheers ,

    1. Hi, Timothy.
      Sorry I don’t do commissions, I only paint as a hobby and I don’t really think my painting is that great 🙂
      If it helps, this is pretty much what I do:
      1 – Paint figure with white as a base.
      2 – Paint over the white with light colours, no shading or fancy stuff. So this would be face, hair, hands, shirt, cloak, weapon, belt, trousers, boots. Each one a block of a pale colour.
      3 – Paint over the colours with ink wash, either brown or black. This does the shading. I use brown ink for face and hands, and for greens, yellows, reds. I use black ink for browns, blues, greys, metallics. The ink darkens the colour paint, so that’s why I paint with pale colours first.
      4 – Dark metal armour and guns can look good if you dry-brush with silver paint at the end to add shiny highlights.
      Hope this all helps.

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