Month: November 2013

Town Square

Session report: Redemption in Sandpoint

Seelah stands quietly, her eyes on the town in the valley below. Lini steps up beside her.

‘There is your problem,’ she says, ‘You became involved in this town and the people in it.’

Seelah is silent, her knuckles tighten on her sword-hilt.

‘I just did not want you to think you were the only fool around’, says Lini.


Session report: Putting Pillbug away

The Crusaders (that’s the name of my new party – they were recruited by Seelah the Paladin to clean up the Lost Coast) have got rid of the local bandits and make their way into the town of Sandpoint for some well-earned rest. Unfortunately, someone is poisoning people and suspicion has fallen on Pillbug Podiker the local alchemist who has gone into hiding leaving poison traps all over town.


The new party is harder to play

I have started from the beginning with my new party in the ‘Perils of the Lost Coast’ Adventure.

The party is made up of the Paladin, Barbarian, Druid and Monk.

Party 2

It is interesting because the balance of the party is quite different, and it isn’t immediately obvious how to play each of the characters. I am very familiar with the classic Fighter/MU/Cleric/Thief combo but these new four don’t exactly fit the same roles and need much more thought.

For example, the Paladin is basically a fighter-type but it seems both the Barbarian and Monk are better at thumping things. The Druid is sort of equivalent to a Wizard, i.e. weak with loads of spells, but she can pump her strength and dexterity checks. If she has an animal ally she is quite tough for a spellcaster.

New classes do have to be different in flavour and play-style, otherwise there would be no point, but it will definitely take some time to get a handle on them.

However, I have noticed they are low in intelligence skills, so essentially they are just a bunch of thickies roaming the Lost Coast looking for trouble.

I’ve printed out my standees

Printed standees

I probably used up a fortune in color ink. Now I need to cut them out and fold and glue them. I am hoping they will be stiff enough to stand up. Maybe I can stick them to a piece of card. I could fold them around the edge of the card so they would still line up. I also fancy cutting around the edges so they have a silhouette.

My plans is to use the plastic stands from the Arkham Horror investigators. We don’t need them for AH, because we have all the investigator figures.

Reaper miniatures do a range of Pathfinder figures that includes all these characters, but I think painting figures is overkill when they aren’t really used in the game except as semi-abstract positional tokens.

Pathfinder Adventure Card game standees

Was thinking about getting the proper Pathfinder RPG beginner box, mainly to see what the RPG is like, but also to get the pawns which I could use in the card game. Also thought of getting the full Pathfinder RPG rules, but it is HUGE.

Then I saw that this guy has done nice standees, so I will make these instead:

I may still get the full rules out of interest. And maybe the Rise of the Runelords RPG campaign book. Might be fun to read that after playing the card game.

Dug out my old sets of Chessex dice

We bought these ages ago and hardly used them. Not many games ask for d4, d8 or d12. Or percentiles. Or anything beyond a d6, really.

Now I have a rpg-style game, so I can use them.

I have a purple stone set, a clear set, and lovely molten gold set.