The Crusaders

The Crusaders: Read their adventures

The Crusaders are my second Pathfinder Adventure Card Game party.

They are Seelah the Paladin, Lini the Druid, Amiri the Barbarian and Sajan the Monk.

The Crusaders

Here are links to the Crusaders’ session reports in order.

The Perils of the Lost Coast adventure:

1. Putting Pillbug away

2. Black Fang

The Burnt Offerings adventure:

3. Letting the town down

4. Redemption in Sandpoint

5. Local Heroes

6. Trouble in Sandpoint

7. Approach to Thistletop

8. Thistletop Delve

The Skinsaw Murders adventure:

9. There ain’t no sanity clause

10. I’ll miss you most of all

11. Who you gonna call?

12. We must be cautious

13. The big clock

Next is the Hook Mountain Massacre adventure…

(I will continue to add new links in this post as new session reports are created.)