Frankenstahls before

Frankenstahl repaint

I have two Tannhauser Frankenstahl figures, so I need to be able to tell them apart.

They should have the same general colour scheme, which is industrial and zombie-like (i.e. Frankenstein’s monster), so I made the second one blue-skinned, with yellow fusion glows. 

Here you can see the blue skin alongside the original green skin, and the new yellow helmet highlights.

Frankenstahl front

In this second photo, you can see more of the arm. I also added some blue highlights to the gun.

Frankenstahl sideLast is the back view. I think the ink wash worked really well on the torso. After putting on the wash, I went over the skin again with blue to add definition.

FrankenstahlNext repaint job is the second Matriarchy and Shogunate troop packs.