Month: March 2015

Race to the pole

The explorers from Miskatonic University are racing to Antarctica to stop the cult sorcerers from summoning Yog-Sothoth.

I played a few games of my new MU deck against the Yog deck. It was a bit swingy. The MU deck needed to win quickly, while the Yog deck was better in the longer games once it had a bunch of Yithians and a Lost Oracle or two in the discard pile.


In the Cold Waste

Stephenson has not returned.

Today the temperature dropped below minus 40 and the blizzard brought visibility to zero. Stephenson left before dawn, I heard the dogs barking as he passed them. It has been nearly six hours and he is certainly dead. He was weak and we are better off without him.


Yog 2.0

Doing some work on my Yog deck, I came up with some more changes.

This is more like Yog 4.0 or 5.0, but ‘Yog 2.0’ is the name of a very popular Netrunner icebreaker card. The card was actually named after Yog-Sothoth (him being The Key and the Gate and all), so it seemed funny to go with 2.0. 🙂

I need more characters. The Yogs themselves don’t really count as they are more like combo cards and not meant for putting into play generally. So I added in a couple more Yithians, the Keeper of the Great Library and the Scientist from Yith. These are cheap characters who have some synergy with the discard and each other and will help bolster my ranks. They aren’t sorcerers, but I am already using all the sorcerers in the set.


Early rising?

I’m having trouble with my Yog deck. It can’t hold up against the Silver Twilight deck’s bouncing and control effects. I keep tweaking it but the Lodge keeps tromping all over them.

To take a bit of a break, I will try building a Cthulhu deck made up entirely from the cards in the recent Cthulhu large expansion, The Sleeper Below.


I can’t hear you, I’m in space.

I liked the Dark Gothic game, so I thought I would try the Legendary Encounters: Alien game. This is another deck-building game and is a spin-off from the superhero-themed Legendary Marvel games. I’m not very keen on superhero games, but the Alien theme sounded good, especially as it is cooperative.


In this game you play the crew and are defending against advancing hordes of aliens while trying to complete the objectives of the films. There are four games in one, as there is a completely different set of crew, objectives, and aliens for each of the four Alien films. I’m not sure I would bother playing the third and fourth scenarios, though.