Early rising?

I’m having trouble with my Yog deck. It can’t hold up against the Silver Twilight deck’s bouncing and control effects. I keep tweaking it but the Lodge keeps tromping all over them.

To take a bit of a break, I will try building a Cthulhu deck made up entirely from the cards in the recent Cthulhu large expansion, The Sleeper Below.

CthulhuThis set has loads of really cool cards, and takes characters and locations directly from the original ‘Call of Cthulhu’ short story.

It is full of cultists and cards that use or affect cultists, and has a great new version of Cthulhu who helps wipe out everything else on the board when he arrives.

It also introduces a great new keyword, ‘dormant’, which does sound suitably Cthulhu-like.

These are cards that you can play normally if you want, but can instead choose to attach them cheaply to a story card face-down.

They then sit there until either player wins the story, at which point you get to play the card for free.

IMG_8198You will notice that the new Cthulhu is dormant, so you can stick him on a story and play him as a surprise for free when it is won!

The cool thing about dormant is that it doesn’t matter if your opponent wins the story, you are the one who gets to play the dormant card.

Also, you put the card on the story face down, so your opponent doesn’t know what is waiting for them.

This means that if they are close to winning a story, you can slap a dormant card on it and now they will think twice about actually winning it.

If they do win it, they could suddenly find Cthulhu himself up in their face!

IMG_8188All the dormant cards are powerful. Cthulhu is an obvious example, but you also have dormant cards like Fiona Day who can win a story out of nowhere, or From The Depths which can spring a bunch of characters into play.

It is important to note that these cards do have steadfast for the Cthulhu faction (the little black squid-heads on the title bar). These ensure you need a Cthulhu deck to use them at all.

The dormant cards look like a lot of fun on their own, but we also have all the new cultists in the set.

These cultists can be fed to Fiona Day or to a Ruinous Star Spawn, but they can also do stuff on their own, such as pump each other up, or draw cards when they die.

I like doing these decks made up from just one expansion and setting them against each other.

Here is the card list.

Total Cards: (50)

IMG_8200Character: (27)
3x Cthulhu (The Sleeper Below)
3x Fiona Day (The Sleeper Below)
3x Initiate of Dagon (The Sleeper Below)
3x Gustaf Johansen (The Sleeper Below)
3x Mariner (The Sleeper Below)
3x Asuilaak (The Sleeper Below)
3x Watcher of Signs (The Sleeper Below)
3x Obsessive Zealot (The Sleeper Below)
3x Ruinous Star Spawn (The Sleeper Below)

Support: (12)
3x Irem (The Sleeper Below)
3x Summon the Sleeper (The Sleeper Below)
3x Unaussprelichen Kulten (The Sleeper Below)
3x Horrific Statuette (The Sleeper Below)

Event: (11)
3x From the Depths (The Sleeper Below)
3x The Stars are Right (The Sleeper Below)
3x Foul Induction (The Sleeper Below)
2x Cthulhu Fhtagn! (The Sleeper Below)