Month: April 2015

ˈgɒθɪk | adjective: portentously gloomy or horrifying

I played another couple of games of Dark Gothic, the Spooky Hollow deck-building game.

This time I played with two random heroes and drew Charlotte Dubois the cutthroat smuggler, and Adrianna of Zartha the foreign traveler.


Charlotte Dubois and Adrianna

Charlotte’s main ability is that she draws seven cards each turn. This is a very powerful ability as you always want more points and so every card counts.

Adrianna has a neat ability in that she can convert up to two cards a turn into silver resources, which can be any colour. This is great early on, but less useful later when many of your cards are worth two or three points on their own. Also it only applies to fights.


The Perils of Pre-Order

The nice protective art sleeves for Netrunner have finally come out. These have lovely art from some of the cards and I have been waiting for a long time for these to arrive.

Here are two of the designs, Deep Red and Posted Bounty.

Art Sleeves

Deep Red is a console carried like a backpack. It is used to run programs which are named after chess pieces, hence the pun on ‘Deep Blue’.

Posted Bounty is a corp agenda that allows you to tag the runner on your own turn and opens them up to nasty meat damage shenanigans.

You will notice I have two sets of each design. These packs were first announced way back in early 2014. It seems that what happened is that I went ahead and preordered a set of each from amazon.

Then of course I forgot I had done this and when the actual shipping announcement came out at the end of the year I ordered them again.

Now they have shipped both orders together and I am getting two of each 🙂