Day: March 17, 2015


Yog 2.0

Doing some work on my Yog deck, I came up with some more changes.

This is more like Yog 4.0 or 5.0, but ‘Yog 2.0’ is the name of a very popular Netrunner icebreaker card. The card was actually named after Yog-Sothoth (him being The Key and the Gate and all), so it seemed funny to go with 2.0. 🙂

I need more characters. The Yogs themselves don’t really count as they are more like combo cards and not meant for putting into play generally. So I added in a couple more Yithians, the Keeper of the Great Library and the Scientist from Yith. These are cheap characters who have some synergy with the discard and each other and will help bolster my ranks. They aren’t sorcerers, but I am already using all the sorcerers in the set.