ˈgɒθɪk | adjective: portentously gloomy or horrifying

I played another couple of games of Dark Gothic, the Spooky Hollow deck-building game.

This time I played with two random heroes and drew Charlotte Dubois the cutthroat smuggler, and Adrianna of Zartha the foreign traveler.


Charlotte Dubois and Adrianna

Charlotte’s main ability is that she draws seven cards each turn. This is a very powerful ability as you always want more points and so every card counts.

Adrianna has a neat ability in that she can convert up to two cards a turn into silver resources, which can be any colour. This is great early on, but less useful later when many of your cards are worth two or three points on their own. Also it only applies to fights.


I can’t hear you, I’m in space.

I liked the Dark Gothic game, so I thought I would try the Legendary Encounters: Alien game. This is another deck-building game and is a spin-off from the superhero-themed Legendary Marvel games. I’m not very keen on superhero games, but the Alien theme sounded good, especially as it is cooperative.


In this game you play the crew and are defending against advancing hordes of aliens while trying to complete the objectives of the films. There are four games in one, as there is a completely different set of crew, objectives, and aliens for each of the four Alien films. I’m not sure I would bother playing the third and fourth scenarios, though.


It be dark in here

I got around to playing a couple of games of Dark Gothic, the Touch of Evil deckbuilding game.

I haven’t played much in the way of deck-building games, except Thunderstone which I quite liked although it was a bit fiddly. I do like the theme of this one.

I played two heroes in the competitive mode to start with and to get the hang of the rules. In the first game I payed the scientist and the smuggler, and in the second I played the monk and the noblewoman.