Month: May 2014

Forsaken Lore unboxing


Forsaken Lore Expansion

Eldritch Horror is one of my favourite games to come out recently. It seems to have distilled the best bits of the co-operative doom-track genre into an exciting globe-spanning adventure.

We just received our copy of the first expansion, Forsaken Lore.

This is a small-box expansion, and it contains mainly loads more cards for the various decks, along with a new Great Old One, Yig.


Walk like an Egyptian

The splashing subsides and David Gore watches Maki Watanabe clamber out of the crocodile pool. Her hair is dripping wet. She sheaths her katana and limps off into the gloom between the pillars.

David edges closer to the sarcophagus. The aisle is dark and empty, but there is an eerie shuffling in the distance.

The whole pyramid shudders and there is a thundering crash as another block falls from the ceiling.

He can hear the Russian cursing on the other side of the chamber. The puzzle-lock on the artefact case must be proving tougher than expected. David grins and jams his crowbar under the sarcophagus lid.

The lid grates as it slides to one side. Ancient dust puffs out and he coughs and blinks.

A scorpion scuttles up to his boot and he stamps on it quickly. He turns back to the sarcophagus and reaches for the golden statuette inside.

Another crash reverberates through the tomb. The beam of sunlight illuminating the vault suddenly narrows. The frescoed passageway is plunged into shadow. Time is running out.

David fumbles for the figurine in the darkness. He can hear shouts as the other adventurers scramble for the entrance through the fallen stonework. He tucks the statuette into his backpack as the echoes of the last collapse fade away.

There is a low moan behind him. He starts to turn, but a final falling slab blocks out the last of the light.

Mummified fingers wrap around his neck.


‘Gateway’ games, like gateway drugs

I find a lot of people get the wrong idea when I tell them I like boardgames.

I suspect they immediately think of traumatic childhood family experiences playing Monopoly or Cluedo (known as ‘Clue’ in the US), or maybe they remember feeling dumb in Trivial Pursuit or having dinner parties that ended with couples bickering over Pictionary.

So when I say “I like boardgames”, I can see them taking a mental step back from the obvious loony stood in front of them 🙂


The Cup of the Monkey God

Tresa“Better luck next time,” sneers Tresa, holding the cup up to the light. An eerie sheen gleams on its surface.

“It is a pretty thing, is it not?” she says.

Jake eyes the half-dozen gun-barrels levelled at his chest. “You don’t understand what you’ve got there,” he says.

Tresa hands the cup to one of the soldiers. “Put this in the plane and prepare for take-off,” she says. The soldier clicks his heels and runs off.

She turns back to Jake.

“You were a worthy opponent,” she says, “How do you Americans say, a jolly good sport?”

Jake winces.

“No, that’s the Brits,” he says through gritted teeth, “but I’ve got another saying for you.”

Tresa laughs, “I expect you do. However, I do not have time to stay and listen.”

The cargo plane’s engines start up with a roar. Birds scatter from the nearby trees. Tresa starts towards the plane.

“I have an appointment with some armour in Peru,” she calls over her shoulder, “Sadly, I do not think you are invited!”


Rise of the Crimson Hand unboxing

This is The Rise of the Crimson Hand, the first expansion for Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game.

It adds a whole new faction of villains, the Crimson Hand, who are a cult threatening to take over the world.

What is neat is that the Crimson Hand first appeared in the Touch of Evil board game, also by Flying Frog Productions. (Touch of Evil is the Sleepy Hollow game, set in the early 1800s with headless horsemen and vampires and werewolves, and cultists.)


“Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.”

Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game is the Indiana Jones-style adventure game from Flying Frog Productions. The title comes from the most famous quote from the Raiders movies, after the one about the snakes.

It is set in the 1930s, and is a cooperative game where you are chasing the Nazis around the world after mysterious ancient artifacts.

This has to be the biggest box game we own. It has a nice huge world map and a whole bunch of cards and figures.

warningIt is also the only game I have seen that comes with a disclaimer.

It is on the back of the box. It reads:

“Warning. Fortune and Glory is set in the Pulp Adventure genre of the late 1930s. As such, it includes enemies and villains that are part of the Nazi party that had taken hold in Germany at the time (as well as the corresponding historical iconography). The usage of Nazis and their iconography is purely rooted in the historical context and is absolutely not intended to condone or glorify them or their actions in any way. If you find this material strongly objectionable it is our recommendation you do not purchase or use this product. Please game responsibly.”

We got it a while back and played it once. We found it a bit difficult to keep up with the villains. The game also suffered from ‘first play’ syndrome where I hadn’t got the rules straight. Gab loves it though. We call it ‘Nazi-opoly’.

We have dug it out because we discovered it has two expansions. We now have the first of these, The Rise of The Crimson Hand. This is quite cool, as the Crimson Hand were the evil cult in the Touch of Evil board game, so they are still going two hundred years later.

I did paint some of the figures, and here they are:

Shelly Hargrove (Race Car Driver), Dr. Zhukov (Master of Science), Jake Zane (The Flying Ace)

Shelly Hargrove (Race Car Driver), Dr. Zhukov (Master of Science), Jake Zane (The Flying Ace)


Duke Dudley (British Lord), Sharon Hunter (Daring Photographer), Li Mei Chen (Night Club Singer)

Duke Dudley (British Lord), Sharon Hunter (Daring Photographer), Li Mei Chen (Night Club Singer)


Alexander Cartwright (Reclusive Novelist), Jacques Moreau (Tomb Robber)

Alexander Cartwright (Reclusive Novelist), Jacques Moreau (Tomb Robber)


Tresa - the Femme Fatale, Colonel Stahl - the Iron fist, and Herr Teufel - The Occult Specialist

The Nazi villains: Tresa – the Femme Fatale, Colonel Stahl – the Iron fist, and Herr Teufel – The Occult Specialist

I haven’t painted the Nazi soldiers or the Mob villains yet, so along with the Crimson Hand they will make a nice painting project.