Treasure Hunters unboxing

We now have the second of the expansions for Fortune and Glory. This is Treasure Hunters and contains four new hero characters to play.

It also comes with new cards for all the decks and some new rules, including Personal Missions and the Docks.

The previous expansion focussed on a new vile organization and this one focusses more on new heroes, which is nice. 


The new heroes are: Nigel Harrington the big game hunter, Angel Espinoza the grease monkey, Jenny Butler the actress and Grant Jackson the soldier of fortune.


Nigel Harrington, Angel Espinoza, Jenny Butler and Grant Jackson (with two mob guys in background)

Each hero has a character card with their stats and special abilities.

Hero cards

These new heroes appear in the art for a lot of the new cards in this set, which is cool. I do love their photo-illustrations.

This set also includes a set of cards for Personal Missions, which I think look really promising. At the beginning of the game you draw two and keep one. If you manage to achieve the objective on your card, then you get a bonus for the rest of the game.

Examples of objectives are selling artefacts, visiting certain cities, defeating certain enemies, that sort of thing. The bonuses include fortune, glory, or extra dice.

I think they will be a good addition to the game as they give you something else to do, and if you can overlap them with the overall mission they might effectively double up.

Personal Missions

Some examples of personal missions

Another cool new addition in this expansion are the Docks markers. These are new tokens and are randomly placed on the port cities. If you are in one of these cities, you can choose to explore the seedy docks. You flip the marker and see if you get anything good or something bad. Results include gaining fortune, gear or an ally, getting into a fight or even being shanghaied and ending up in (guess where) Shanghai!

There are also a couple of new Mob villains, but I can’t see us using them. We’ll stick with the Nazis and the Crimson Hand.