Month: April 2014

Love Letter unboxing – the world’s smallest card game

This is Love Letter, a card game about trying to get your love letter to the princess and win her hand. It gets consistently good reviews on boardgamegeek and also lots of personal recommendations.

We haven’t played it yet, but we have got our copy. It comes in a lovely red velvet pouch. There isn’t a lot to it at all. The game is made up of only 16 cards!


It’s a trap!

The world falls away. Momentary vertigo lurches in his stomach as his senses adjust, the adrenaline spike riding on the rush of the ‘phettes.

Orienting himself, Noise aims for the clonefarmocology district. His mouth is dry and sweat beads on his neck, but here in cyberspace none of that matters. He hits the GoTo and the sensation of speed thrills down his spine.

This will be the biggest run of his career. The target is a new datafort on the outskirts of the Jinteki infrastructure. Newly-installed, its defences are incomplete. Trashing its storage and corrupting its data will bleed back into the rest of their corporate datamines, teaching Jinteki a well-deserved lesson.


Running R&D – What are the chances?

I noticed several of my recent games were won by the runner stealing agendas from R&D (the corp player’s deck).

The corp has to spread his ICE across several servers, and in trying to protect a remote server often can’t help leaving R&D under-ICEed. Even if it cost a few credits to run past a couple of ICE into R&D, it seems always profitable for the runner to do so.

So how profitable? We need to look at the distribution of the agendas in the deck.


The classic story of power and the press


Day job over, Kate exits her office building and walks toward the subway. She angles her head and checks the reflection in a shop window. A dark-windowed SUV is cruising down the street. It is the same one as this morning.

She keeps walking, flips open her wrist-terminal and starts a timer. It counts up in thousandths of a second as she quickly enters a series of commands. There is a pause and then behind her she hears the airbags in the SUV suddenly deploy.

Kate smiles. 3.009 seconds. A new record.


Scorched earth policy

Swift Eddie’s feet scrabble for purchase in the alley puddle. Gabriel’s prosthetic hand holds him by the neck.

“Someone ordered the hit,” Gabriel hisses, “Who was it?”

“All I… urgh,” gasps Eddie, “All I know is someone from Weyland’s space exploration division was throwing his credits around in Wyldside last Tuesday. Everyone knows that’s where you go for…”

“…for a contract,” finishes Gabriel. His eyes follow the smoke still rising from the ruined city-block.

Eddie swallows. “I didn’t know they would go that far,” he pleads, “No-one could have known.”

Gabriel lets him go. Eddie slumps into the muddy water.

“No-one could have known,” he whimpers.

Gabriel looks up and down the alleyway.

“Where’s the nearest terminal?” he asks.

Eddie gestures at some neon flickering in the gloom. Gabriel hefts his go-bag on his shoulder and stalks towards it.

Eddie calls after him, “Make them pay!”

Gabriel pauses and looks back. The neon shines in his eye.

“I always do,” he says.


Anarchy in the superhighway

I switched Android:Netrunner decks and played some games with the preconstructed Anarch runner vs the Haas-Bioroid corp.

The Anarch runners delight in trashing the corrupt corporate oligarchies. They are striking out on behalf of the oppressed millions.

The Haas-Bioroid corporation makes androids (called ‘bioroids’) and protects its monopoly using all possible means, both legal and illegal.