Month: June 2014

It’s good to talk

<in: hi>

<out: hello// please state your identity>

<in: Rielle// what’s your name?>

<out: ICE-Barrier Heimdall// please state your source>

Rielle relaxes. Heimdall is bioroid ICE with a cyborg AI behind it. She terminates her pending icebreaker thread, it won’t be needed. All she needs to do is talk.

It is an inverse Turing Test. She must convince the computer she is one of them, and she has a huge advantage.

She is a cyborg, too.


Stupid Boy

Director Haas crumples the data-foil in her fist. She continues to glare out of the panoramic window, her back to the conference room.

The last of the C-Levels closes the door hurriedly behind him. Only her virtual assistant remains in the room. Its holo-visage is deliberately bland and neutral.

At this altitude, the window looks out above the city smog. Sunlight streams into the room, highlighting the meeting table and chairs in a golden glow. Despite this, Haas’s face is dark.

“Where is he?” she snarls, “Where is my idiot son?”