Love Letter unboxing – the world’s smallest card game

This is Love Letter, a card game about trying to get your love letter to the princess and win her hand. It gets consistently good reviews on boardgamegeek and also lots of personal recommendations.

We haven’t played it yet, but we have got our copy. It comes in a lovely red velvet pouch. There isn’t a lot to it at all. The game is made up of only 16 cards!

There are some scoring tokens as well but basically that is it, just 16 cards.

Here is a picture of the unboxing. If you can call it unboxing.

Love Letter

The game comes with a lovely red carrying pouch. There are some rules, reference cards and scoring tokens, too.

The cards represent members of the royal court such has guard, baron, prince, and handmaid. Each card has a score and a special effect. The higher the score, the closer to the princess. The player with the highest scoring card at the end of the round is closest to the princess and wins a point.

The actual game play is small-scale as well. Each player has a hand of only 1 card. Each turn you draw a card and discard a card, applying its special effect. These effects include discarding cards, looking at other players’ hands or knocking someone out of the round.

It is the kind of game you can carry around and play anywhere. We just need to sit down and give it a go.