Lots of expansion-y goodness

A lovely bunch of packages arrived for me with a whole load of add-on packs for Android Netrunner.

I now have the full set of six data packs in the Genesis cycle, and five out of the six data packs in the Spin cycle (get it?).

These are the usual Living Card Game add-ons with fixed sets of cards, so you know what you are getting. There is none of the ‘random boosters’ rubbish you get in Magic.

Data Pack

Each data pack contains 60 cards, some for each of the factions.

The data packs each have 60 cards (3 copies of 20 different cards) and provide two or three new cards for each of the runners and corps plus some neutral cards. Some of them even have a new identity for a runner or corp with new special effects, which adds even more variety.

Here is a picture of the first data pack, What Lies Ahead, opened up.

It has a new Anarch runner identity, Whizzard (who looks like Kevin Wilson – he designed Arkham Horror and the original Android game), a new Haas-Bioroid corp identity and a bunch of cards for all the factions.

The other data packs are similar.

I also got the first boxed expansion, called Creation and Control. This comes with 165 cards (3 copies of 55 cards).

This focusses on the shaper (green) faction and the Haas-Bioroid corp and contains cards for these two factions together with some more neutrals.

There are three new shaper runner identities, the Rielle character looks pretty cool, and three new H-B identities. The ‘Next Design’ H-B identity can help the corp get off to a good start by pre-installing ICE.

Creation and Control

The Creation and Control expansion comes with enough cards to make up two pre-built decks ready to play.

What is especially neat about this expansion is it has all the cards you need for two pre-built decks (the deck lists are in the insert). One deck is Haas-Bioroid and the other the shaper runner. You can play these against each other, or against any of the decks that come with the core set.

That means we now have five pre-built corp decks and four pre-built runner decks. This gives us twenty(!) combinations of games to play out of the box. Should keep us happy for a while.