Month: February 2014

The Crusaders: We must be cautious

The mood in Sandpoint is brighter. The murders have stopped and there have been no undead sightings. There is talk of another Swallowtail Festival.

“It has been a tough time for this town these last few months,” says Lini, “Goblins, zombies, ghosts and murderers. The townsfolk deserve a celebration.”

Seelah has been examining the letters they found in the Manor.

“It is a shame we shall not be here to join them.” she says.

“What?” says Amiri, “I was looking forward to the festival.”

Seelah gathers the papers into a pile.

“Aldern Foxglove was receiving letters from the Cult of Norgorber.” she explains, “We are going to Magnimar.”

“Magnimar?” says Amiri, perking up, “I know a good tavern in Magnimar.”

Lini strokes her tiger behind his ear and looks out at the town.

“I shall miss this place.” she says.

Sajan is in the square doing one last magic trick for the children.


The Crusaders: Who you gonna call?

Sheriff Hemlock orders the town guard to hold back the crowd.

“This is the fifth one,” he says, “People are getting scared.”

The Crusaders stand around the gruesome remains. They have seen many things in their travels, but this is something new.

“This was not done by an animal,” says Lini.

Seelah eyes the crowd, “No-one saw anything?”

Hemlock shrugs, “Some people keep to themselves, some people are nosey. Either way, no one is talking.”

Sajan is examining the corpse. Amiri crouches beside him. She lifts a flap of skin and breathes out softly.

“Bite marks,” she says, “and the smell of rot.” Sajan nods in agreement.

Hemlock asks the question, “What does that mean?”

Amiri stands and wipes her fingers on her leggings. Her face is grim.

“Undead cannibal serial killer,” she says.

Seelah takes Hemlock to one side.

“If the murderer is now undead, then they must have changed shortly before the murders started. Is there anyone who hasn’t been seen recently?” she asks.

Hemlock thinks. “It has been quiet out at the haunted hou-, er, I mean, out at Foxglove Manor,” he says. “Neither Aldern or Iesha Foxglove have been into town for a while.”

“Haunted, eh?” says Lini.

Amiri hefts her warhammer, “I am not afraid of any ghosts.”


Crow Bait

The Crusaders: I’ll miss you most of all

The Necromancer is chained up in gaol but is giving nothing away. All that the Crusaders have been able to glean from him is that there is an undead plague spreading across the Lost Coast, and Sandpoint is in its way.

“We need to know more about these undead,” says Seelah, “if we are to prepare for an attack.”

“Leave me alone with him for a minute,” says Amiri.

“That is not the way we do things,” says Seelah, frowning.

Lini sighs. “It seems we are left with legwork,” she says, “We shall need to scout outside the town.” Her tiger perks up at the thought of a trek.

At that moment, Sajan runs up carrying a small girl crying in his arms. He sets the child down and gestures for her to speak.

“Walky stick-men took my mommy!” she wails. “I want my mommy!”

The others look at Sajan. He stands upright, sticks his arms out sideways then flops his head to one side.

“Scarecrows?!” says Seelah.

They gaze out across the surrounding farmlands. The faint sound of cawing can be heard…