Infiltration – More future corporate larceny

Inspired by Gab’s recent introduction to Netrunner, we dug out our copy of Infiltration to give that another go. This is heist game set in the Android cyberpunk/bladerunner world. It has a similar plot to Netrunner, in that thieves are trying to break into a corporation and steal their data.

Unlike Netrunner, this is a break-in with the players competing to rush from room to room stealing data. All the while, the alarm has gone off and they have only a limited time before the cops arrive and the game is over.

The winner is the player who escapes with the most downloaded data.


The layout. The first floor is along the bottom and the second along the top. We got just over halfway.

The gimmick in this game is that each player must declare their turn’s action in secret. The actions are then all revealed at the same time, and played out in order.

This makes it a bit of a bluff while you try to decide whether to stay in a room and attempt to grab some more data versus head further into the complex. If someone else downloads all the data in your room you can end up with nothing.

The other neat part is that you have to escape the building before the countdown ends. The countdown is determined by rolling a die at the end of each turn, so there is an element of chance.

The decision to give up and start running away is another tough choice. Luckily, you do not always have to move all the way back to the first room to escape. Some rooms allow an immediate exit, even from deep in the building on floor two.


Each card in the layout is a room with data to download and special effects.

Gab and I found that playing with just two players is a quite different game from before when we had played with four or five.

You don’t tend to overlap so much and so there wasn’t as much involvement between the two thieves. It played much quicker, but was a bit less interesting.

If we play this again, we might try playing two characters each. We could even play them as rival teams, allowing collusion within each team. That might work quite well.