Day: March 6, 2014

The Crusaders: The big clock

The Crusaders hand Ironbriar over to the city guard. As he is dragged away he shouts over his shoulder.

‘She will come for me!’ he cries, ‘My Angel watches over all of us. She will come for me!’

Lini looks up at the tower of the Shadow Clock. The moon looms behind the spire. ‘”Watches over all of us”,’ she muses, ‘An actual Angel?’

Seelah shakes her head. ‘The Skinsaw Cult brought a legion of undead to this land,’ she says, ‘Whoever is controlling them is in that tower. I suspect they are the very opposite.’

Amiri leans on her greatsword. ‘Angel or Demon, I do not relish such a climb before a battle,’ she says.

Sajan starts doing stretching exercises.