Red Five Standing By

I have decided it is now time to start getting excited about the new Star Wars film and a return to the world of the original trilogy.

Hence I spent some time in a Barnes & Noble buying a bunch of sets for the X-Wing Miniatures Game.

I got a Core Set, an additional X-Wing, a TIE Interceptor and a TIE Advanced.

And a Millennium Falcon.


Shadows of Brimstone Unboxing

One of the other games we bought on our recent trip was one of the Shadows of Brimstone set by Flying Frog.

Shadows of Brimstone is an old west horror board game, where you play cowboys battling against monsters from beyond.

It’s not technically a Cthulhu game, but it has that kind of flavour. The one we got was Swamps of Death. There is also City of the Ancients and they are compatible with each other which is cool.

Shadows fo Brimstone


Dark Gothic Unboxing

We visited Sci Fi City while we are here in Orlando. We almost missed it because they had moved across to the other side of the shopping estate sometime in 2013 and when we arrived we thought they had closed down. Luckily I spotted their sign on the other side of the car park.

We bought a bunch of stuff, one item of which was Dark Gothic, a card game from Flying Frog, and based on their earlier game A Touch of Evil (the Spooky Hollow game). This is a deck-building card game using all the same illustrations, which is nice.


Mage Knight Board Game unboxing

As an early Christmas present from our lovely niece and nephew, Lauren and Sam, we now have a copy of the Mage Knight Board Game. This is an epic-style fantasy adventure game, rumoured to even be the best fantasy adventure game.

Mage Knight Board Game

You play one of four heroes exploring the Atlantean Empire, killing monsters, visiting villages, recruiting soldiers, capturing cites, learning spells, etc, etc. All the required fantasy stuff.


Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me

Valeros leans on the bulwark and gazes down into the frothing waters. Merisiel places her slim hand on his shoulder.

“We are a long way from the Lost Coast, my friend,” she says, “You should try and forget her.”

Valeros smiles, tight-lipped. Merisiel joins him at the rail and together they gaze out across the waves. The ship sways slightly as it glides through the shoals and the archipelago of the Shackles islands seems to float on the horizon.

Merisiel glances sideways at her companion.

“Seoni was always going to go her own way,” she says.

“I know,” sighs Valeros, “I just… I thought I could be what she needed. Someone to rely on.”

“She was a barbarian sorceress,” says Merisiel, “and there was otherworldly blood in her. I do not think she knew what she wanted, or will ever.”

Valeros straightens up.

“You are right,” he says, “I should put the past behind me. Let us instead look ahead to the future, and the adventure and riches we have in store.”

Merisiel smiles and claps him on the back.

There is a sudden cry from high in the rigging.

“A sail, a sail! Bearing upon us from the nor-east!”

Valeros and Merisiel dash across the deck to see the approaching vessel. The lookout holds the spyglass to his good eye.

“They are raising their colours!” he cries, “It is the Skull! They are pirates!”


The Steward’s Fear Adventure Pack

I got the ‘The Steward’s Fear’, the first adventure pack in the ‘Against the Shadow’ cycle. This concentrates more on the city of Minas Tirith and the armies of Gondor.

The reviews say this pack has a very good scenario, all about conspiracies and mysteries to be solved. It also has some nice new cards for my decks.

A standout card for me is the Gondorian Shield, which would be great to give to Elrohir in my Elf deck.


Forsaken Lore unboxing


Forsaken Lore Expansion

Eldritch Horror is one of my favourite games to come out recently. It seems to have distilled the best bits of the co-operative doom-track genre into an exciting globe-spanning adventure.

We just received our copy of the first expansion, Forsaken Lore.

This is a small-box expansion, and it contains mainly loads more cards for the various decks, along with a new Great Old One, Yig.


Rise of the Crimson Hand unboxing

This is The Rise of the Crimson Hand, the first expansion for Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game.

It adds a whole new faction of villains, the Crimson Hand, who are a cult threatening to take over the world.

What is neat is that the Crimson Hand first appeared in the Touch of Evil board game, also by Flying Frog Productions. (Touch of Evil is the Sleepy Hollow game, set in the early 1800s with headless horsemen and vampires and werewolves, and cultists.)