Session report: Putting Pillbug away

The Crusaders (that’s the name of my new party – they were recruited by Seelah the Paladin to clean up the Lost Coast) have got rid of the local bandits and make their way into the town of Sandpoint for some well-earned rest. Unfortunately, someone is poisoning people and suspicion has fallen on Pillbug Podiker the local alchemist who has gone into hiding leaving poison traps all over town.

The mayor promises our heroes a gift of weapons from the armory if they can find and capture the villain, so the party split up and start searching.

Seelah can’t find her sword and gets badly bruised by a zombie giant at the city gates, and Lini the Druid is in the town square where her pets have run off leaving her alone to peruse the wares. Meanwhile, Sajan the Monk hunts around the cathedral where he meets Father Zantus who offers to help him search. They find no sign of Podiker, but set off a poison trap in the vestry. Sajan dodges out of the way dragging Father Zantus with him to safety. In thanks, Zantus closes the cathedral for the rest of the day. One less place for the poisoner to hide.

Suddenly, Amiri the Barbarian discovers Pillbug hiding under the counter in the most obvious place of all, the apothecary. She avoids the poison gas pellet he throws at her, but he runs out the back door and down an alley before she can grab him. Seelah is not pleased. The Crusaders are not looking good.

The team split up again. Lini disarms a trap in the general store, and the shopkeeper offers a discount on his wares. Seelah narrowly escapes a shadow, but succeeds in dodging a poison dart trap and the city gate is clear. Where can the villain be hiding?

Sajan is going door to door. At one village house he meets a very nice Sage who can provide the party with some much needed smarts, but just as she is agreeing to join them, Podiker jumps out of a cupboard and sprays the room with distilled scorpion venom. Sajan ducks the spray and pulls the Sage out of the door, locking it behind them. Podiker is trapped.

The rest of the team set up a perimeter around the town square and now there is nowhere else for him to run. Sajan sneaks into the house. Podiker lunges at him with a poisoned dagger but the monk round-house kicks him out of the window and into the street.

The town militia haul the criminal off to gaol and the Mayor thanks the Crusaders profusely.

“Please take these weapons as a token of our gratitude.” he says.

“Oh, by the way, there’s this dragon we’re having trouble with…”