Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Later this year: Skulls and Shackles

Paizo have the next adventure path for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game scheduled for August, when the current Rise of the Runelords series finishes. It is Skulls and Shackles, a piratey adventure for a new set of characters, including Swashbuckler, Oracle and Gunslinger.


Nualia defeated again

I resumed my original PACG party’s adventures and took them through the final two scenarios in the Burnt Offerings adventure.

The party is Valeros the Fighter, Seoni the Sorceress, Kyra the Cleric, and Merisiel the Rogue.

They were making their way down into the catacombs below the mountain in the final scenario, Thistletop Delve, and had cleared out five locations before finding Nualia the evil priestess in her Throne Room as the last card of the last location.


Thistletop Delve

Session Report: Delve, Delve, Delve

The climb is steep as they approach the Thistletop peak. The ruins stand stark against the fading sunlight.

“This Nualia is an outcast from the town,” says Lini, “Perhaps she simply wants revenge.”

“Summoning Lamashtu seems overkill to me,” says Amiri.

Seelah nods, “This is bigger than just Sandpoint. She needs to be stopped.”

Sajan holds the crude map that the goblin had scrawled. He points at the entrance to the dungeon complex that lies under the ruins. There is a faint sound of chanting. The summoning ritual has begun and there is no time to lose.


Trouble in Sandpoint

Session Report: Trouble in SandPoint

“Crogg’s Teeth!” mutters Amiri, wiping slime from her sword. Some has splashed on her boots. “What was that thing?”

Lini’s tiger sniffs at the puddle which is evaporating in the sun. It goes to lick the slime, but Lini grabs its neck and pulls it away.

“It was not of this world,” says Lini, “I could not feel it in the Green.”

Seelah approaches the edge of the pit and looks down the crudely carved steps.

“It was from Outside,” she says, “Something down there summoned it. I wonder if the goblins knew what they were doing when they opened this up.”

“They will know what I am doing when I split them in two for ruining my boots.” says Amiri as she strides down the steps.