Sticking to the card

I made my standees

Today I got around to making my Pathfinder standees. I looked out the plastic stands from the Arkham Horror investigators to use with them.

My plan was to glue the printouts on either side of some old postcards. I started with Ezren the Wizard since I am not currently using him. If I messed him up it wouldn’t be too annoying.Sticking to the card

I cut out each figure, keeping the two sides joined together at the head end. I folded the printout so that the two sides lined up, spread pritt-stick on the back and wrapped it around the edge of the postcard. I tried to line it up properly on both sides of the card.

Unfortunately, it turned out the postcard is too thin to fit tightly in the plastic stand. I couldn’t un-peel it, so I glued a strip of card on either side of the bottom and it fits nicely.

For the rest, I glued three postcards together first to make a thick enough base. Then glued and wrapped each print around the card as before.

Thicker card

I have kept them square-cut for the moment. If I get the nerve I may try getting a knife and trimming them around the edges to give them some shape.

Here they all are: Valeros, Seelah, Ezren, Merisiel, Amiri, Lem, Lini, Kyra, Sajan, Harsk, Seoni.

Pathfinder figures