Later this year: Skulls and Shackles

Paizo have the next adventure path for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game scheduled for August, when the current Rise of the Runelords series finishes. It is Skulls and Shackles, a piratey adventure for a new set of characters, including Swashbuckler, Oracle and Gunslinger.

I shall be tippexing out the name of the swashbuckler and renaming him Guybrush.

With this new set, Paizo are also accelerating the expansion adventure decks to monthly, and plan to have a further third adventure path start in February 2015.

A Character Add-On Deck will add even more new characters, including a Witch, Warpriest and Alchemist.

Base Set and Add-on Characters

The Base Set and Character Add-on Deck

I don’t know any of these weird new character classes, they come from several of the advanced rulebooks.

I would need to buy all these rulebooks to find out about them, and I am obviously not going to do that (or am I?), but luckily Paizo have made most of their rules (i.e their version of the SRD) available on their website:

Its fairly ugly to read, but the essence of everything is there. I guess I can hack through it to find out what a witch is, for example. No nice Wayne Reynolds illustrations, though.