The new party is harder to play

I have started from the beginning with my new party in the ‘Perils of the Lost Coast’ Adventure.

The party is made up of the Paladin, Barbarian, Druid and Monk.

Party 2

It is interesting because the balance of the party is quite different, and it isn’t immediately obvious how to play each of the characters. I am very familiar with the classic Fighter/MU/Cleric/Thief combo but these new four don’t exactly fit the same roles and need much more thought.

For example, the Paladin is basically a fighter-type but it seems both the Barbarian and Monk are better at thumping things. The Druid is sort of equivalent to a Wizard, i.e. weak with loads of spells, but she can pump her strength and dexterity checks. If she has an animal ally she is quite tough for a spellcaster.

New classes do have to be different in flavour and play-style, otherwise there would be no point, but it will definitely take some time to get a handle on them.

However, I have noticed they are low in intelligence skills, so essentially they are just a bunch of thickies roaming the Lost Coast looking for trouble.