Day: November 3, 2013

Won the Trouble in Sandpoint scenario on very last turn

Before I restart with new characters, had to finish the scenario I had already set up with my first party. This was the Trouble in Sandpoint scenario in the Burnt Offerings adventure pack.

Valeros the fighter, Seoni the sorceress, Kyra the cleric and Merisiel the rogue ran around the town of Sandpoint trying to find and kill Erylium the demon sorcerer and all her annoying goblins. They explored the catacombs, the shrine, the old lighthouse before eventually cornering her at Junk Beach as the last card of the last location on the very last turn.

Valeros took her out with his bastard sword, helped by a couple of blessings.


Now to divvy up the loot!

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game plans

Now I have the character add on pack, I shall start a new party from scratch. Then come back to my first party, or merge them if they get to matching levels.

Haven’t tried the wizard, bard or the dwarf from the base set. The add-on pack has a druid, barbarian, paladin and monk.

These sound much more exciting, although it would probably be fun to try the other base set characters anyway.

So, I need to print out the character sheets so I can record the current party decks. And take the Set 1 cards out of all the decks, so I can restart with the base adventure.

Could even include one of my current party in the new party. This would be like leveling in a video game, ha ha.

Could also grind for better boons which seems completely insane. Is it insane? People do grind and level up characters for hours in video games.

I guess the insane bit is that this is a board game, so if you want to level up or have a particular item, you can just go ahead and pick that card.

Would still feel wrong to do it. I guess boardgamers have non-cheating in their DNA.