More non-Euclidean goodness

I got a Bag-O’-Cthulhu.

Bag of Cthulhu

The figurines are stored in a separate dimension and accessed through a portal within the plastic bag.

While watching some videos of Call of Cthulhu tournament games on The You-Tube, I saw people were playing with tiny little Cthulhus as their domain markers, and not the large ones that come with the core set.

A little research later and this bag of cyclopean fun was winging its way to me.

It is a real thing: A bag of Cthulhu. You get six regular large Cthulhus and twenty-four tiny little Cthulhus!

The little ones are great for using in games, and they don’t take up as much room in the box, which leaves more space for cards.

I now have far too many of the big Cthulhus what with all those that came with the card game core set, but I can probably re-use them in any number of other games.

Here they are, when manifested fully into our dimension:

Great Old Ones up the wazoo

Great Old Ones up the wazoo. Aren’t they cute?

Of course, one cannot just send rabid lunacy through the post without the proper health and safety warnings. See the age warnings on the back of the label:


I agree, this is most certainly NOT a children’s toy

Notice how infants 0-3 are most prone to insanity. Sad face.