Month: January 2015

Ye Essential Saltes

The following are entries from an anonymous diary found in a Boston second-hand book store.

January 29th, 1925.
Here we are, finally arrived in Arkham. The house is much larger than our townhouse back in Boston but we shall just have to spread ourselves out. Lucy, our beautiful Siamese, has settled in already. She has found herself a new favourite patch in the sun on the window sill. It is Charles’ first day at the new shop tomorrow and he is a little nervous, but I have told him Mr Hutchinson is sure to be very pleased with him.


Dark Gothic Unboxing

We visited Sci Fi City while we are here in Orlando. We almost missed it because they had moved across to the other side of the shopping estate sometime in 2013 and when we arrived we thought they had closed down. Luckily I spotted their sign on the other side of the car park.

We bought a bunch of stuff, one item of which was Dark Gothic, a card game from Flying Frog, and based on their earlier game A Touch of Evil (the Spooky Hollow game). This is a deck-building card game using all the same illustrations, which is nice.



Arkham Sanitarium Patient No. 1652: Carter, R.
Case file: March 1, 1925.
Transcript of handwritten note found in empty cell.
Patient missing, whereabouts unknown.

Mankind’s oldest fear is fear of the unknown. While the familiar and the mundane offer comfort and safety, the Other always lurks menacingly at the edges of our thoughts. The unknown can be found in many places, in strange streets where the faces are unfamiliar and no one meets your gaze, or in dim-lit grottos where eerie fungi grow and the air is heavy with a miasma that clouds the mind, or on bleak cold-swept plains where nothing has ever grown nor ever will and yet the shrill cries of unnamed birds echo disturbingly, or in cosmic voids of limitless space where the Outer Gods play and laugh and dance to the thin hideous piping of a nightmare flute.


Eve – the card game

I was thinking about space stuff and I remembered getting the Eve Card Game when it came out way back in 2006.

This is a customisable card game, along the lines of Magic, and is based on the world of the huge MMORPG space sim Eve Online.

It comes with a couple of starter sets and you build your collection by buying boosters, with common, uncommon and rare cards.

Or rather you would have done, because the game died almost immediately after it came out.


Improving the corp

Most of the Haas ICE is bioroid, which means they are run by artificial intelligences. The effect of this is that the runner can usually break subroutines on the ICE by spending clicks rather than using a breaker. They can work around them, or talk their way past them.

This is a bit of a weakness, so I need to make sure I also have some ICE with requires the runner to spend credits.