More tiny spaceships

I didn’t get any extra ships to go with my core set, but I did get the ‘Rogues and Villains’ expansion which is a bunch of extra little squadron ships, including the Millenium Falcon!


These work the same as the X-Wing and TIE Fighter squadrons, except each is a single ship. They are all famous ships from the Star Wars expanded universe, and they all also appear in the X-Wing game (in larger models).

You can have Han Solo as the pilot of the Falcon, and also Boba Fett as the pilot of Slave 1.


These are the bits that make up a squadron ship



These little ships are not painted, so I think this will be fun to do. I still have to paint the X-Wings and TIE Fighters from the core set.


Here is the Garbage all put together, with Han on the base as the pilot. 

Each ship has two versions, one with the plain ship itself and one with its famous pilot. As with all ships, each version has its own cost. The piloted version has better abilities, but costs more to add to your fleet.

These new rogue and villain ships each pack a bit more of a punch than the original core set fighter squadrons, and have new special abilities which make them more effective when going up against the huge capital ships.


These are the other ships. Boba Fett’s Slave 1 is at the bottom in dark grey. Far right is the Moldy Crow, Kyle Katarn’s ship from the Dark Forces and Jedi Knight video games.

I like the idea of having a variety of support squadrons to play with, rather than building larger fleets with more capital ships.

I can play the starter missions from the core set, but I now have more customizability of my fleets with different squadrons to try out.