Day: December 19, 2014

Netrunner deckbuilding

Moving on from playing with the core set sample decks, I am taking my first step into deckbuilding.

Seeing as I have the deluxe expansion Creation and Control, and this is based around the Shaper (green) runner faction and the Haas-Bioroid corp faction, my idea is to create two mono-faction decks. I won’t be using any influence at this stage.

I think I ought to be able to tweak the sample decks into something better, something that plays smoother.

Starting with the Shaper runner deck, I will stick with Kate as the runner identity. She makes it cheaper to install hardware and programs, which makes it easier to get her rig set up. (The rig is all the installed programs and hardware, including extra memory, icebreakers and other programs).

My plan is to select a specific set of icebreaker programs and then build around them to finance and support them.