A rules summary for Gears of War

I wrote up a rules summary for the Gears of War board game a while back. In case anyone is interested, I have posted it here.

1. Choose COG characters.
2. Assign weapons (two-sided weapons cards) and ammo.
3. Shuffle random weapon (one-sided weapons) and order decks.
4. Choose mission and setup mission deck.
5. Get locust cards, figures and wound markers from mission setup card (A/B/C).
6. Put locust cards on reference sheet slots A/B/C, figures and markers nearby.
7. Create AI deck from enemy cards and general AI cards on mission setup card.
8. Create location decks from mission setup card lists. Put decks 2 & 3 on reference sheet.
9. Layout level 1. Draw location card, place tile, spawn locusts as per location card. Put door on exit of last tile.
10. Place COG figures in areas by start tile entrance side. May move to cover.
11. Draw order cards.

Turn order:
1. Heal Step. Draw two cards up to max.
2. COG Order Step. Discard a card to do either: i) resolve the card, ii) move up to two areas, iii) attack. Can also discard to revive, activate equipment, pick up weapons.
3. Locust Activation Step. Draw and resolve AI card.

1. Declare target (defender).
2. Count attack dice based on weapon and attack mode and constant effects.
3. Count defence dice based on defence value, cover, areas beyond range.
4. Roll all dice.
5. Resolve triggered effects based on Omens rolled.
6. Deal wounds, based on hits minus shields plus effect wounds.

Line of Sight: anywhere in area to anywhere in area, no black walls. If in cover then to or from the cover arrow.
Cover: full cover 2, partial cover 1, in same area 0.
Weapons: max four per character. Can discard to box, cannot give to other players.
Ammo: no ammo means cannot fire. Can have infinite ammo.
Grenades: range two. Roll attack once. Each figure in target area rolls own defence. Ignore cover. Cannot use a grenade to guard.
Locust wounds: if dealt wounds >= health then killed. Otherwise wounded and has new lower health from marker.
Dropped weapons: if have the weapon, get two ammo.
Bleeding Out: if are wounded when have no cards, are bleeding out. Place on side, move out of cover. Can crawl one area, skip heal and order step, cannot draw cards at all, resolve AI as normal, locusts ignore and cannot attack.
Reviving: discard a card to revive in same area, stand up, still zero cards, can be attacked.
Guarding: discard to attack a locust before or during its attack or move. Once per AI step.
Dodge: discard before rolling dice to add defence dice. Once per attack.
Follow: discard to move with another COG moving through your area, lasts whole of mover’s turn for muliple moves, can enter cover at end.