The Actress and the Astronomer

Azathoth really cannot sleep. It is up to Lola Hayes the actress and Norman Withers the astronomer to keep him from waking.

As if battling Azathoth isn’t enough, Lola has to chase a team of evil cultist explorers from expedition to expedition as they try to discover all the Secrets of the Past and destroy the world. She follows them from Antarctica to Tunguska to the Pyramids, always one step behind. Finally she gets ahead and beats them to the Heart of Africa.

Two bad rumours

Two very bad rumours. In ‘Secrets of the Past’, if the investigators fail to beat the rival explorers to all the expeditions, they lose the game!

A Star Spawn is stomping up and down Arkham town square. Norman uses his knowledge of the stars to banish it back to its galaxy.

Lola buys a shotgun from a shady dealer. She is a little paranoid, but makes her way across Europe to Northern Russia, killing a Ghoul in Rome and a Byakhee in Istanbul.

Lola and Norman meet in Tunguska, at the meteorite impact site. Lola drives off the Color Out of Space to clear the way for Norman to examine the crater. Smarter than the average investigator, he needs only one clue to solve this third mystery, although he hurts his brain a little in the process.

They both breath a sigh of relief as the rift in space and time closes on Azathoth, sealing him off from our dimension.


Life goes back to normal. Lola joins a Shakespearian theatre company playing Ophelia and Norman has a scientific paper on the alignment of the stars published in the Fortean Times.

Then one day Norman opens the Arkham Examiner to read of a volcanic upheaval in the South Pacific. His telephone rings. It is Lola. Waves from the tsunami have reached Tokyo. Something new is threatening the world. An island is rising in the ocean and it can only mean one thing: The Big C himself…