The following takes place


“Zoe, get me out of here!”

Stirling skids around the corner and pelts towards the emergency exit. He slams into the door and swipes the stolen key card on the panel. The panel beeps at him disapprovingly.

“I hate on-premise datastores,” he mutters, “Why can’t everything be in the cloud where it’s easy to get at?”

Zoe’s voice pipes in his ear-bud.

“I can’t access the security seals on the door from here, you’ll have to hack them locally.” she says.

Stirling swings his backpack off his shoulder and pulls out his mini-console. “What’s going on behind me?” he asks.

“I’m accessing the cameras… I can see three Haas Corp-Sec units approaching from the south and west. 30 seconds out.”

“Can you keep them off my back while I do this?”

“Sure, Stirl. I’ll just distract them a moment.”

“Stop calling me Stirl.”


Stupid Boy

Director Haas crumples the data-foil in her fist. She continues to glare out of the panoramic window, her back to the conference room.

The last of the C-Levels closes the door hurriedly behind him. Only her virtual assistant remains in the room. Its holo-visage is deliberately bland and neutral.

At this altitude, the window looks out above the city smog. Sunlight streams into the room, highlighting the meeting table and chairs in a golden glow. Despite this, Haas’s face is dark.

“Where is he?” she snarls, “Where is my idiot son?”


Forsaken Lore unboxing


Forsaken Lore Expansion

Eldritch Horror is one of my favourite games to come out recently. It seems to have distilled the best bits of the co-operative doom-track genre into an exciting globe-spanning adventure.

We just received our copy of the first expansion, Forsaken Lore.

This is a small-box expansion, and it contains mainly loads more cards for the various decks, along with a new Great Old One, Yig.


Rise of the Crimson Hand unboxing

This is The Rise of the Crimson Hand, the first expansion for Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game.

It adds a whole new faction of villains, the Crimson Hand, who are a cult threatening to take over the world.

What is neat is that the Crimson Hand first appeared in the Touch of Evil board game, also by Flying Frog Productions. (Touch of Evil is the Sleepy Hollow game, set in the early 1800s with headless horsemen and vampires and werewolves, and cultists.)