The Perils of Pre-Order

The nice protective art sleeves for Netrunner have finally come out. These have lovely art from some of the cards and I have been waiting for a long time for these to arrive.

Here are two of the designs, Deep Red and Posted Bounty.

Art Sleeves

Deep Red is a console carried like a backpack. It is used to run programs which are named after chess pieces, hence the pun on ‘Deep Blue’.

Posted Bounty is a corp agenda that allows you to tag the runner on your own turn and opens them up to nasty meat damage shenanigans.

You will notice I have two sets of each design. These packs were first announced way back in early 2014. It seems that what happened is that I went ahead and preordered a set of each from amazon.

Then of course I forgot I had done this and when the actual shipping announcement came out at the end of the year I ordered them again.

Now they have shipped both orders together and I am getting two of each 🙂