Running with a better rig

After a few plays, I am looking at tweaking my runner deck.

This is pretty much just getting rid of cards I find I don’t play much, either because the time never seems right or because they don’t really fit into the overall strategy.

ffg_scavenge-creation-and-controlFirst off, I will get rid of Scavenge as I can tell it is more of a combo card and not used on its own.

Other cards up for review:

Escher – This could be good to create a path to an agenda but it is too conditional. Just having the full set of breakers and enough economy should do me.

Crypsis – Might be good as a general breaker but it is very expensive. It can hit a trap, but so can Tinkering at a pinch. Also the cost of a click is bad when facing lots of bioroid ice. You need your clicks to get past them for free.

ffg_inti-creation-and-controlInti – Cheap to install, but expensive to use, and the barriers are the strongest ice so the cost to break one can be extortionate. Maybe I need to consider another fracter option?

Personal touch – This is good on breakers like Inti, but is not essential to my strategy. I will keep it if I have enough slots.

Akamatsu Mem Chip – I do need mem units but is there another option?

Based on all this, the mods I made to my deck are:

-2 Scavenge
-1 Escher
-2 Crypsis
-2 Akamatsu Mem Chip
-2 Inti

ffg_battering-ram-core+2 Battering Ram – a less costly barrier-breaker.
+1 Levy AR Lab Access – as a late game reset.
+1 Omnidrive – to replace the mem chip.
+1 Toolbox – also replaces a mem chip.
+1 Freelance Coding Contract – to clear out duplicate cards in my hand.

This leaves 3 more slots:

+2 Modded – to help install my now more-expensive programs and hardware.
+1 Feedback Filter – as defence in late game final rushes.


Now to take a look at my H-B corp deck.