Dark Forces

I don’t know if anyone remembers the old Star Wars Dark Forces and Jedi Knight computer games, but they have included Kyle Katarn’s ship in the X-Wing miniatures game.

His ship was the Moldy Crow, piloted by his partner Jan Ors.

He didn’t do much flying in it. Jan would pick him up and drop him off between missions while he ran around shooting stormtroopers or chopping at Sith.

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All the stuff you get. You can have either Jan or Kyle as pilot, and the Crow can take a turret which is always good.

Kyle and Jan have new kinds of abilities, all related to storing up and sharing focus tokens or giving other ships attack dice.

The Moldy Crow itself is quite slow, more in line with a Y-Wing, but not as tough.

I think this makes it more of a support ship than the main thrust of your attack.

If you give it a turret then it can glide around taking pot-shots at enemy ships while giving bonuses to your main ships.

It is in interesting take on strategy in X-Wing, where the sole focus of a ship seems to be buffing other ships.


The ship looks really cool

It is nice that they included it in the game because I have a soft spot for those old games.

They came out in the 90’s, way before the prequels and way before Star Wars became fashionable again.

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