Month: September 2015

Force Friday is a bit late

Force Friday was a couple of weeks ago. Loads of game and toy companies announced their new Star Wars ranges, including Fantasy Flight Games who launched their new The Force Awakens core set for the X-Wing miniatures game.

I ordered one immediately and it arrived today, two weeks later.


Syzygy is actually a word

If you drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas through the Mojave Desert you will pass a signpost for Zzyzx Road. This is a made-up place only officially recognised in the 1980’s. The original land-developer wanted a name that would be at the end of the alphabet. I bet he was fun at parties.

On the other hand, a Syzygy is a real thing. It sounds like a part of the brain or a rare grammatical construct, but it is in fact the astronomical term for when the sun and moon and/or planets align.

As you may expect, moons and planets align a lot more often than stars, but don’t panic. Big C only wakes when the stars are right.

Nevertheless, bad stuff still happens when planets line up and this is what the plucky investigators must tackle in Strange Remnants, the new small-box expansion for Eldritch Horror.


A waitress, explorer, handyman and bootlegger walk into an Antarctic outpost

We set up both boards for the Rise of the Elder Things ancient one in Eldritch Horror. The game took almost 5 hours, with a few breaks, and used up a phenomenal amount of brain power.

We won. We had to solve four mysteries before time ran out and the doom track went down to 7, which was only two or three bad turns way from the ancient one awakening.

The game never felt like it was getting away from us, but it did seem very hard to make progress. It was about two hours before we managed to get even the first mystery solved.

Horror in the Antarctic

‘At the Mountains of Madness’ is one of my favourite short stories and that is why I really like the film Prometheus. They have the same plot, which I won’t go into because of spoilers.

Here we have Mountains of Madness, the first big-box expansion to Eldritch Horror, which brings the frozen wastes of Antarctica to the globe-trotting adventure game.