He’s no good to me dead

I got the Slave-1 ship for the X-Wing Miniatures Game. This belongs to Boba Fett the bounty hunter.

It is one of the large ships in the game and seems much too big to me. I think it is because I always thought the window was about the size of a car windscreen and it would be Fett’s head and shoulders behind it.

If I had paid more attention during the second film, I would have remembered seeing Fett float the frozen Han Solo up a ramp at the back which showed the scale properly.

These miniatures are supposedly 270th scale based on original models and designs from the films, so it really must be this large compared to the X-Wings, etc.

big box

It is a big ship in a big box.

You get the new ship and its large stand, a set of pilots and some more upgrades. Boba Fett is one of the pilots, but you can use others if you don’t want to spend so many points or prefer their abilities.

This type of ship is actually called a Firespray-31. ‘Slave-1’ is just what Boba Fett calls his.

What is unusual is that it can fire both forwards and backwards, and it can drop bombs in its wake.


All the stuff. You can see on the ship token at the top of the image that the firing arc points both forwards and backwards, making an ‘X’ instead of the usual ‘V’.

Like the Millennium Falcon, the Firespray sits on a large base and towers over the smaller ships.

It is big and tough with lots of upgrade slots, but costs a lot more squad points than your average ship.

Boba Fett is 39 points without any upgrades, whereas a good TIE Fighter pilot only costs 18.

much bigger

Slave-1 ready to go a-huntin’. The X-Wings look puny beside it.

The idea with these large ships is to make it the focus of your squad and add a couple of nippier, smaller ships who can fly around and protect it.

My plan is to load it up with all the upgrades and then give it one or two TIE Fighters as wingmen. Fly in and out of asteroids and shoot down some rebels.

Then once I’ve got the hang of it, maybe I’ll have a dogfight with the Millenium Falcon 🙂