Getting ready to visit Mirkwood again

Following my embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Spiders of Mirkwood, I plan to build a new deck using some of the many cards from the various expansions I have.

So far I have the following expansion sets, all bought a long time ago:

  • All six of the ‘Shadows of Mirkwood’ adventure packs.
  • The ‘Khazad-Dum’ deluxe expansion.
  • All six of the ‘Dwarrowdelf’ adventure packs.
  • The ‘Over Hill and Under Hill’ deluxe saga expansion.
  • The ‘On the Doorstep’ deluxe saga expansion.
  • The ‘Black Riders’ deluxe saga expansion.

I haven’t even opened the packs for most of these. They are still in their wrappers.


All the encounter decks for the six Dwarrowdelf adventure packs should fit inside the Kkazad-Dum box

These will give me loads and loads of new cards, and plenty of new scenarios to play.

According to the forums the scenarios in the six Shadows of Mirkwood packs where you are chasing after Gollum aren’t that great to play, but the ones in the Khazad-Dum and Dwarrowdelf packs (set in the Mines of Moria) are more fun.

My plan is to open all my packs, sort out the cards and then get to building my new deck with a view to taking on the introductory core set adventures.

The mines of Moria can wait until I have had a bit of practice.