Day: August 8, 2014

Flies and Spiders

My new Lord of the Rings Card Game deck with the three Elves smashed some serious spider face.


The little Fellowship has been tasked with couriering a message from the King of the Wood Elves to Lady Galadriel far south in Lorien. (Lady Galadriel was Cate Blanchett in the movies). The first stage of the journey is through the gloomy forest of Mirkwood.

A previous group of messengers had left some days earlier and had never been heard from again.

Old Forest RoadAs the three Elf Lords, Elrohir, Elladan and Glorfindel, lead the band down the Old Forest Road and the gnarled trees begin to loom over their heads, they can hear rustling among the foliage.

One of the spearmen curses as his pike becomes entangled in a web spread high above the path.

The rustling stops.

Elladan glances at his twin brother Elrohir and silently draws his sword. Glorfindel signals to the rest of the company and they fall into a defensive formation.

There is silence. Water drips onto moss. Metal scrapes on metal as someone shifts their stance. The eerie silence continues.

Glorfindel, listening, raises his hand to give the sign to continue.

Then the spiders attack.