Day: August 12, 2014

Take me to the river

The Elf-Lord Glorfindel stands gazing south along the river. His golden hair blows slightly in the breeze and his eyes are bright and distant.

The Anduin weaves, broad and slow, between the banks that separate the borders of Mirkwood from the foothills of the Misty Mountains. The Company has escaped from Mirkwood, but the journey to Lorien will take them along its borders and within the territory of the goblins that lurk in the hills.

Glorfindel turns his head and watches the twin Elf-princes Elladan and Elrohir stride up the bank to where he awaits at the forest edge. Their ranger cloaks are damp and weariness shows on their faces.

“We have been several leagues up and down the river,” says Elladan.

“There are Orc tracks and trails of Wargs,” says Elrohir.

“Also one large footprint, and a set of smaller prints, ones we did not recognise,” adds Elladan.

“We saw no marks of spiders,” finishes Elrohir.