Day: January 24, 2015


Arkham Sanitarium Patient No. 1652: Carter, R.
Case file: March 1, 1925.
Transcript of handwritten note found in empty cell.
Patient missing, whereabouts unknown.

Mankind’s oldest fear is fear of the unknown. While the familiar and the mundane offer comfort and safety, the Other always lurks menacingly at the edges of our thoughts. The unknown can be found in many places, in strange streets where the faces are unfamiliar and no one meets your gaze, or in dim-lit grottos where eerie fungi grow and the air is heavy with a miasma that clouds the mind, or on bleak cold-swept plains where nothing has ever grown nor ever will and yet the shrill cries of unnamed birds echo disturbingly, or in cosmic voids of limitless space where the Outer Gods play and laugh and dance to the thin hideous piping of a nightmare flute.