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Nothing up my sleeves

Now that I have created a bunch of decks for the Call of Cthulhu card game, I thought it would be a good idea to protect them in card sleeves.

I bought a bunch of Cthulhu art sleeves a while back. These were done by Fantasy Flight (same as the recent Netrunner sleeves that I double-bought).


Bags bags bags bags bags bags bags bags bags bags bags bags bags bags bags bags bags bags bags bags bags bags bags bags bags bags bags bags

I wandered into a Ryman’s at the weekend. They had nothing interesting in the way of pens (I use Japanese 0.28mm gel pens for writing in my Moleskines) but I did see this bag of bags.

200 baggies

200 baggies. They used to be called zip-lock bags.

It was only a fiver, which is 2.5p per bag. Now I have plenty of bags for all my tokens and counters and chits and you-name-its from all my games.

They are a nice size, not too big, so they can be used to separate the many different types of tokens you get in some games without being unwieldy.

I had been using the liquid bags you get at airports, but they are generally too big for just a few tokens so I end up putting a load of different types in one bag. Then I have to spend ages sorting them all out every time.

Here you can see the bags alongside the success tokens and tiny Cthulhus from the Call of Cthulhu Card Game. Just right.


The perfect size for success tokens.


She made him an offer…

Naomi blows a perfect smoke ring. It floats across the room and dissolves under the harsh glare of the spotlight.

“Easy, Tommy”, she says, “We want him to talk and we want him to carry a message.”

Tommy Malloy straightens up and flexes his fists. He wipes a speck of blood from his cheek.

The man in the chair blinks and runs his tongue around his teeth before saying, “Your father won’t stand for this.”

Naomi taps the ash from her cigarette.

“My father is no concern of yours,” she says, “and barely a concern of mine.”


ˈgɒθɪk | adjective: portentously gloomy or horrifying

I played another couple of games of Dark Gothic, the Spooky Hollow deck-building game.

This time I played with two random heroes and drew Charlotte Dubois the cutthroat smuggler, and Adrianna of Zartha the foreign traveler.


Charlotte Dubois and Adrianna

Charlotte’s main ability is that she draws seven cards each turn. This is a very powerful ability as you always want more points and so every card counts.

Adrianna has a neat ability in that she can convert up to two cards a turn into silver resources, which can be any colour. This is great early on, but less useful later when many of your cards are worth two or three points on their own. Also it only applies to fights.


The Perils of Pre-Order

The nice protective art sleeves for Netrunner have finally come out. These have lovely art from some of the cards and I have been waiting for a long time for these to arrive.

Here are two of the designs, Deep Red and Posted Bounty.

Art Sleeves

Deep Red is a console carried like a backpack. It is used to run programs which are named after chess pieces, hence the pun on ‘Deep Blue’.

Posted Bounty is a corp agenda that allows you to tag the runner on your own turn and opens them up to nasty meat damage shenanigans.

You will notice I have two sets of each design. These packs were first announced way back in early 2014. It seems that what happened is that I went ahead and preordered a set of each from amazon.

Then of course I forgot I had done this and when the actual shipping announcement came out at the end of the year I ordered them again.

Now they have shipped both orders together and I am getting two of each 🙂

Race to the pole

The explorers from Miskatonic University are racing to Antarctica to stop the cult sorcerers from summoning Yog-Sothoth.

I played a few games of my new MU deck against the Yog deck. It was a bit swingy. The MU deck needed to win quickly, while the Yog deck was better in the longer games once it had a bunch of Yithians and a Lost Oracle or two in the discard pile.


In the Cold Waste

Stephenson has not returned.

Today the temperature dropped below minus 40 and the blizzard brought visibility to zero. Stephenson left before dawn, I heard the dogs barking as he passed them. It has been nearly six hours and he is certainly dead. He was weak and we are better off without him.